Understanding Bankruptcy

When you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will be crucial that you have a full understanding of what bankruptcy can or cannot do for you. A few examples of the benefits and limitations of bankruptcy are listed below. Call our firm to learn more.

What bankruptcy can do:

  • Bankruptcy can have a negative, relatively short-term impact your credit score and can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years
  • Bankruptcy can eliminate all or most of your debts
  • Bankruptcy can put a stop to all collection actions against you
  • Bankruptcy can give you time to save your home from foreclosure or catch up on mortgage

What bankruptcy cannot do:

  • Bankruptcy cannot eliminate certain debts, including child support, most tax debts, and most student loans (except in rare cases)
  • Bankruptcy cannot put a stop to any criminal proceedings
  • Bankruptcy cannot protect you from losing eligibility for applying for credit cards
  • Bankruptcy cannot eliminate other non-dischargeable debts

We can help you determine whether filing bankruptcy will be worth it to you in the long run. We would never insist that our clients take an action that would not benefit them. We want to put you in the best possible position for permanent debt relief, not a temporary fix that can help you for only a short time and could potentially result in long-term damage.


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Understanding Bankruptcy

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