Special Education Law

Special education law is an area in which very few attorneys practice with any degree of regularity. The field can be a labyrinth of federal laws (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and The Americans with Disabilities Act), state statutes, federal regulations (a separate set under each federal law) and state regulations.


This firm has a unique blend of experience.  Our attorneys have degrees in special education, combined teaching experience of over twenty years and now we advocate for students at all levels. Therefore, when you require legal advice in a matter involving special education, you can feel secure and confident in working with our firm.

K² Legal Services is committed to providing access to exceptional legal services to families all across the state.  Our initial consultations with families concerning the special education needs of their children are very comprehensive. Typically, we ask for the most recent IEP or 504 (if in place), Evaluation Reports, private evaluations, report cards, progress reports and important correspondence between the family and the school personnel.  One or both of our attorneys will discuss the documentation with you and we are generally able to provide our families with a plan for obtaining appropriate educational services and other relief from the school district.  We will then discuss a representation arrangement is with the family.