Bankruptcy Consultation Check List

Bankruptcy Consultation Check List (This can help with the MEANS TEST)

  1. The past 6 months, if possible, but at a minimum your last paystub(s) for you and your spouse, if appropriate.
    1. Paystubs include all jobs you or your spouses have received in the past six months.
    2. If you receive regularly bonuses, please bring proof or if you receive occasional bonuses, please let us know at the consultation.
    3. If you and/or your spouse are Self-Employed, an estimate of your average income and expenses over the past 6 months.
    4. Any and all other sources of income (i.e. social security, child support, unemployment, workers compensation, 401(k) withdraws, etc.
  2. The last two years of your filed Federal and State Tax Returns.
  3. Any and all debts owed. This includes secured and unsecured loans (i.e. mortgages, car loans, student loans, back taxes including property and IRS, child support arrearages, etc.) AGAIN, back taxes, student loans and child support arrearages cannot be discharged.
  4. You can include any collection letters you have received, plus medical bills (but be on notice that when you include regular family physicians, they may decide to not treat you again. Hospitals cannot do that), and if you large amounts of attorney fees due to a civil suit, judgment, or a divorce/child custody.
  5. It is highly advised you pull all three credit reports so everything can be included you may have missed. We can do this for you, but it there is an extra fee that goes directly to the agency. This can be discussed in the consultation.
  6. All your estimated value assets. If you own your home, we can use a tool to value your home that the bankruptcy court recognizes. If you own your car, we will need the lender on the car, mileage, year, make and model. Amounts, just an estimate, in bank accounts and 401(k) plans.



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Bankruptcy Consultation Check List (This can help with the MEANS TEST)